Community Generosity


A charity like ours can’t survive without many generous people in the community helping out in lots of different ways. We are very grateful for the many churches, service clubs, businesses, volunteers and financial donors who assist us each week on an ongoing basis. One such unsung hero is Mike Shannon at Alternate Pet Food

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Driver Training


Over the years we have taught many young people to drive on the farm. Sadly Quad Bikes or ATV’s are the most dangerous vehicles on farms so we don’t allow our inexperienced young people to ride them. Look what can happen when you turn your back.  There is one KID in every crowd! Thanks Brenden

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New Birth.


Spring is an exciting time of new births of many of our farm animals, alongside the wide range of native animals we care for. It gives us many opportunities to share these births with the young people referred to our program and they are actively involved in this process. Some of the sad stuff in

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Snakes Alive!!


Our reptile friends are out again in October and these Red Bellied Black snakes I managed to photograph last season, in a romantic embrace. They are a very important part of the biodiversity on the farm. . They help me keep things in balance. I spend time teaching the young people to treat them with respect and

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