A Winter’s Tale


In some ways winter on the farm is a quieter time with less plant growth and less animals being born however because we run our own natural systems this simply means it’s time to turn ourselves to tasks that will help us manage the leaner months when there is less pasture for our grazing animals,

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A Busy Life


With our lives growing ever busier and so many items on our list of ‘things to do’ we sometimes forget that all life doesn’t race along at this pace. Being busy is a constant distraction and can often mean that a lot goes on beneath our awareness. One of the important values that we try

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Unexpected guests…


The first Tuesday of each month, between 10am and 12 noon, we hold an open morning at A Taste of Paradise and are very pleased to receive visitors from the local community as well as from around Australia and overseas, providing guided tours of the farm and introducing the range of activities that we are

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The Manildra Stampede


Shoalhaven Starches based in Nowra, part of the Manildra group of companies, operates the largest wheat starch and gluten plant of its kind in the world as well as a world-first sustainable ethyl alcohol (ethanol) distillery. They also manufacture a range of stockfeed. Stockfeed Sales representative Phil Monaghan and Chief Engineer Ming Leung have generously donated

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Changing Seasons


As the days get shorter and the temperature falls many things change on the farm. With changing seasons we lose the regular company of many of our native animals. This eastern water dragon will soon go into hibernation for the winter. We will not see the fleeting visits from red bellied black snakes that always

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