Get Involved

We are humbled by the fact that we are often asked by organisations if there are particular projects that we are working on where we need assistance, be it financial or supplying materials/services. As you can imagine there is always a wish list at A Taste of Paradise. Here are a few of the items currently that we are working towards:

Wheelchair lift

At the farm we often have clients that are wheelchair-bound. We have two passenger trailers that we can tow behind the tractor to show groups around the farm. These are fantastic tools that we have however we don’t have the ability to easily manoeuvre and securely fasten wheelchairs to the trailers and therefore not provide the experience for everyone equally..

A mount will cost us $2500 and it will make a huge difference to the enjoyment and safety of the disabled youth.

If you feel that you can help in any way to making this come true for us please get in touch.

Respite House

We are very proud of the work that we do at the farm. We are fortunate to see some of the positive changes in the youth that come to us. Many of the youth come to us from broken families and disadvantaged families.
One of the biggest goals we have at the farm in looking forward is to build a respite house that will provide an opportunity for families to come and spend a short amount of time on the farm. Hopefully this will give families the chance to experience what the youth do on the farm in interacting with our animals, enjoying the serenity of the environment and ultimately spending quality time together.

If you feel you can help in any way to making this dream a reality please get in touch using the Contact Us forms.

Conservation Project

The farm makes up a part of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative and the Illawarra Woodland and Rainforest Project.
On the farm we have planted in excess of 10,000 trees including Australian bush foods and bamboo.
The timber plantation provides a protected habitat for native animals and birds. Almost all of the South Eastern predatory birds are seen on the property.
It is an incredibly important part of the farm both for the longevity of the natural surroundings but also the education of the youth who witness the various stages of growth of the plantation from the greenhouse up, to learning about land management principles.

We truly thank you for considering to donate to our charity.

A Taste of Paradise Organic Farm Ltd is a registered charity with deductible gift recipient status.
Any donations over $2 made to the charity are fully tax deductible and can be made by direct deposit using the account details below or securely online through PayPal using the ‘Donate’ button below.

A Taste of Paradise Organic Farm Ltd
National Australia Bank
BSB No. 082-435
Acc No. 19-418-1400

Alternatively Cheques and Money Orders can be made out to
A Taste of Paradise Organic Farm Ltd
and mailed to
PO Box 128
Berry NSW 2535



sponsor feed

Along with donations, fundraising is one of the lifebloods of the charity.

We would be honoured if you would like to undertake some sort of fundraising activity on behalf of A Taste of Paradise. From trivia nights to dinners there are many ways we have been helped in the past.

Please get in touch if you would like to conduct an activity as there are some guidelines on which we may need to work as I’m sure you could imagine.

To fundraise in NSW you will require an “Authority to Fundraise” which we can help you with or you can easily download from this page.

Where appropriate we can help you with official logos, banners and brochures but we do ask that you get in touch and discuss the ideas that you have first so that we can makes sure it isn’t in some way putting the charity at risk or conflicting with other activities we have planned already.

As a registered charity we can provide official tax receipts for approved activities and those that are deemed by the ATO as a “deductible gift.”

Thank you for considering to fundraise for us.

Being a charity there are always opportunities to volunteer!

From fundraising, to regularly feeding the animals, to servicing our machinery or helping with the mammoth administrative functions required to run a farm and charity we are always looking for like-minded, committed and energetic volunteers!

If you feel that you have a specific skill or service that you would like to provide or you would just like to donate your manpower there are always roles to fill. As you can imagine with the work that we do, being not only a working farm but also a centre for at risk and disadvantaged youth, all volunteers would need to be co-ordinated.

Please reach out to us using the contact forms or why not come along to one of the Open Days where you will get to see first-hand where you could add significant value to helping us achieve our goals!

Unfortunately at this time the farm has no employment vacancies. Please check back at a later date.

Work Experience

Although we would love to give opportunities to everyone, due to the sensitive nature of our activities at the farm we are regrettably unable to accept placements for work experience.

Speaking at events is one of our preferred methods to engage.

We would welcome the opportunity to educate more of the public on the work that we do and the impact that it has in our local community. We have spoken at numerous charity groups, church groups and service groups. Where possible we will come to you and have a compelling presentation filled with photos, videos and anecdotes of life on the farm. We will present our aims, our success stories but will always include many of our challenges!!!

Please do get in touch with us if you have a specific event you would like us to present at.