Snakes Alive!!


Our reptile friends are out again in October and these Red Bellied Black snakes I managed to photograph last season, in a romantic embrace. They are a very important part of the biodiversity on the farm. . They help me keep things in balance. I spend time teaching the young people to treat them with respect and

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Veggie Garden Progress


Partnerships with other organisations in our community are the way forward for us to be able to provide greater resources and opportunities for our young people. Here is an example of where two great businesses or organisations have got together to provide us with a fantastic vegetable garden complex. The Shoalhaven Poultry Group runs poultry

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Trailer Fun


A huge thank you to Pam at Australian Education and Recreation Tours for the donation of our two twenty five seat trailers. Here is one behind the tractor. We use them every week for transporting young people and visitors around the farm. For many young people the bumpier and noisier the better!

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New bull arrives.


Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Susan Nicholas and Peter Gregory, our new bull “Jamais” has arrived for a five year stay. He is a french Saler bull (pronounced Saliar) and brings with him exciting new genetics to build our cattle herd. Jamais is both good looking, and quiet, which makes him a wonderful addition

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