The Manildra Stampede

Shoalhaven Starches based in Nowra, part of the Manildra group of companies, operates the largest wheat starch and gluten plant of its kind in the world as well as a world-first sustainable ethyl alcohol (ethanol) distillery. They also manufacture a range of stockfeed. Stockfeed Sales representative Phil Monaghan and Chief Engineer Ming Leung have generously donated an unlimited supply of high quality, high protein, high energy stockfeed to A Taste of Paradise. Not only have they donated the feed itself, they have also donated a storage facility for the feed and have committed to refill the supply on an as-needed basis!

This is an extremely generous commitment on behalf of Manildra and demonstrates its support for, and belief in, the value of projects such as A Taste of Paradise within their local community. Not only is their feed very nutritious for our cattle but it is also extremely delicious (if you’re a cow) and Tim’s arrival at the feeding station on a daily basis usually leads to a stampede of enthusiasm from the girls as they race for their tasty breakfast. As they say ‘never stand between a cow and its breakfast’… Do they say that? Well we say that…

Thanks Manildra!

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