We are a local charity near Berry, NSW, based on a working farm supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people.


The Youth

Through ethical and organic farming, we reach out to and engage young people at risk. By interacting with animals and the natural environment, young people discover themselves and learn skills that lead to further training and employment opportunites.

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The Farm

A Taste of Paradise Farm follows the 12 principles of permaculture to grow healthy, ethical food. Currently a proportion of the farm is certified Organic through the Organic Growers of Australia and Australian Certified Organic and we are looking at ways to extend that through the rest of the farm in the future. We are also committed to the conservation of remnant native rainforest on the property, including a number of endangered plant species.

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The Food

The ultimate purpose of growing food ethically and organically is better health. By growing and selling our produce locally, our not-for-profit farm and mentoring program is able to continue while contributing to the community’s health and social wellbeing. Visit our online store to see our products.

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