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A Taste of Paradise Organic farm is a Berry-based charity focused on supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people.

Interacting with animals and a farm environment has proven life changing and healing impacts on vulnerable young people.

Sam's Story

Georgie’s Story

16 year old Georgie has been visiting the farm for 2 years. Georgie’s mentor began to work on building her trust and self-esteem by introducing her to animals and nature.

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What our partners are saying about our services

A Taste of Paradise farm near Berry has been doing incredible work with local disadvantaged and disillusioned youth since 1999.

As these young people take responsibility for their own actions and experience the rewards born of their own effort, they develop greater personal resilience, while learning practical agricultural skills.

I would like to congratulate Mr Tim Francis and his dedicated team for all of the work they have done for many years and continue to do to assist disadvantaged young people in our local communities.

The Hon. Gareth Ward MP, Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services

I have worked for many years .. with troubled youth, who do not fit into the community/societal norms that most people expect. In particular, I have found it very difficult to broker rewarding services that cater for 1-1 mentoring for young adolescents with disabilities. I cannot praise Tim’s interactions with my clients enough. The work that Tim does with these vulnerable people is amazing.

Linda Wiseman, Caseworker

I have found that this program has enabled young people to develop skills, grow in confidence and overcome life challenges. Tim has always provided a safe and nurturing environment for the young people in his care. I believe that ‘A Taste of Paradise’ is an extremely valuable program for young people trying to overcome challenges and looking to establish themselves in life.

Andrew Munro, Human Services Consulting

I am in awe of the work he does and the impact that this can have on the young people. In fact often their time at the Farm has represented one of the few positives that they may have had in their life and the positive impact that this has had is hard to truly convey.

Chris Stubbs, CareSouth

We have young people over the age of 12 years who participate in the mentoring program who look forward to their time at the farm each week. Thank you “A Taste of Paradise Farm” for providing an amazing and unique service for our vulnerable young people, we feel privileged to collaborate with you.

Alison Lucas, South Coast Medical Services Aboriginal Corporation

The farm provides an environment in which people can participate and learn new skills…Seeing the sense of accomplishment and participants gaining new skills and growing in confidence is very rewarding for all involved.

Tony Bate, Focus

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The Farm on Village Vets

We are very proud of our association with Village Vets, the Foxtel Lifestyle show which follows two young local vets- Anthony and James. The Village Vets provide us with an invaluable service helping us when our animals are in need.

We jumped at the chance, when the shows producers asked if they could film the boys at A Taste of Paradise, helping with a difficult birth of a calf.