Pete's Story

Pete is a 9-year-old boy who has been coming to the farm for 3 years.  Pete has experienced a lot of trauma and has had difficulty trusting anyone because of it.  Pete had been through many programs before he began coming to A Taste of Paradise.  Pete has always found being confined, (like in a classroom), is difficult due to past experiences, so being in the open space on the farm has been one of the biggest reasons he has stayed and had achieved great success through his one-on-one work with his mentor.

Pete likes any activity that involves the poultry.  He has learned a lot about the kinds of poultry we have at the farm and is very interested in the breeding program. He particularly likes to watch the young chicks hatching, and he will stay indoors to monitor the process for hours.

The programs that the mentors have been working on with Pete are designed to improve his emotional and cognitive function, with the aim being to work towards stable behaviour. Pete’s teachers report that there has been a marked reduction in visits to the Principals office and he is better able to focus in the classroom .