Recently A Taste of Paradise hit the road and packed up our loyal friend Tex the Miniature Horse, some of our kids (that’s farm talk for baby goats) and a few chicks (that’s farm talk for baby chickens) and visited the Annual Foster Care Week Picnic Day at Albion Park, one week (a multi-service event), and the Keeping Kin Connected Picnic Day at the Nowra Showground run by the South Coast Aboriginal Medical Service Corporation the next. We also took a number of our bushfood seedlings, with information on their use by Aboriginal people, and some native animal nest boxes we build with the young people. Both these events are about supporting young people from out-of-home care and their carers, providing fun activities, and showing them a little of what life on a farm can be like. Under normal circumstances this kind of visit isn’t possible as we have too much to do on the farm supporting our many young people and trying to keep up with running the farm. But we do regularly partner with these organisations, and wanted to continue to strengthen these relationships.

Thank you to QBE Insurance who generously provided extra cover for these two days.

Everyone had a chance to cuddle a baby goat and hold a baby chicken (which they loved). Tex got lots of pats too. There was lots of fun to be had, lots of activities organised by the support team, great days overall, and we were happy to be part of both events.

Brian and Maria Adams lent us a horse float one weekend and Rob and Prue Boughton the other week which enabled us to get all the animals on the road and up and down to each of these events. Thanks to both couples for their generosity. And a big thank you also to our wonderful volunteers Josie Aitken and Pip Francis who gave up a day to help us.