Our old Kubota...

Can you help us as we seek financial support to purchase a new buggy for our charity?

Our old Kubota has been an amazing part of our work at A Taste of Paradise Farm. It was bought as a pre-loved vehicle with a generous grant from the Myer foundation several years ago, and it has been a fantastic vehicle for supporting the young people who come to the farm.

It has been a safe and reliable buggy for our  mentors to work with many  of our young people, to transport the young people, and materials like animal feed, fencing material and many other things around the farm, getting into the most hard to reach places of the farm with its 4-wheel drive capacity.

This has been especially valuable for our young people who have physical disabilities. It has afforded us the opportunity to run our programs inclusively, as there is no corner of the farm the buggy cannot reach.  The other, very special thing the buggy has been used for, is to teach some of our young people how to drive.

This has meant for some of our young people, they have gained valuable life skills and have achieved much cherished and hoped for goals, in learning how to drive.  For some of our young people this might be the only opportunity in their lives they may ever have to be able to drive a vehicle.  Our buggy has been a great blessing to us and the at-risk and disadvantaged young people who come to the farm.

While it has been a wonderful vehicle and has made an extraordinary difference in our work supporting kids in need, the time has come for us to replace it with a newer model that is cheaper to run and needs less maintenance that will help us into the future of our charity’s work.

Our local MP, Gareth Ward, has started a petition on his website to garner public support, which we are hopeful will help us receive financial support from the NSW Government.

Below is the link to Gareth Ward, MP’s website where you can support the young people and our work by filling out the online petition?