Abundance shared around.

Thanks to Brenden and the team we are harvesting and marketing lots of certified organic produce. More importantly the young people in the farm program are often eating the produce before it leaves the garden which is the greatest joy. Great tasting nutritious food picked themselves and perhaps trying for the first time? Thank you Shoalhaven Poultry Group and Strongbuild for your vision in building a garden for us.

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One thought on “Abundance shared around.

  1. I would very much like to get involved in a small way, I live in Shoalhaven Heads and although quite ‘on in years’ feel there maybe some way I could contribute to your wonderful organisation. I was priveliged to hear Tim speak some time ago at our local Church. One of my Hope’s is that he would accept an invitation to speak at our local Probus Club sometime in the next few months.
    My other hope is that I can find where you are to purchase product!
    I am amazed so few people in the area have heard of the Farm and all the good you do, I feel this should be remedied! I’m not very good at this ‘computer stuff’, would much prefer a conversation! My No is 024448 8507 or 0414 586 512

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