Our primary focus is always on the at-risk young people who come to the farm, but we are aware there are other things that also matter.

The team at AToP is made up from an extraordinary group of staff and volunteers and we appreciate and value each of them. We know that without them we would not have been able to support the hundreds of young people who have accessed our programs in the last 21 years.

We also know that without our animals, we would just be working outside.  Our animals are one of the ways we reach kids who have a disability or experience of complex trauma.  The animals give unconditional love to the young people, and the young people begin to trust again.

Of course, this means that we look after our animals with great care. We feed and water them, give them the love and attention they need, especially when they are unwell.

Having a good relationship with our vet is incredibly important, and over the years we have developed a good relationship with the Berry Vet Clinic.  Having our vet close at hand when we need them, is vital.

We have been grateful for all the support they have given us over the last 21 years and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.

Recently Lano, one of our Maremma dogs who guard our poultry was unwell.  We called in the vet and the vet diagnosed a few problems, which they treated him for, and we are happy to say have got Lano feeling much better.  We know that Woodley, Lano’s brother, is happier that Lano is feeling more like himself again too.