Photos by Amber and Saverio Russo.

The Organic Housewife

We are always grateful when we meet people who hear about our work and it impacts them so deeply, they look for ways they can partner with us.

In the 20 years we have been working with and supporting young people who have disabilities, or have experienced complex trauma or disadvantage, we have been blessed with many generous people who want to be part of how we impact and change these vulnerable young people’s lives.  Some make donations of finances and goods and others give us positive publicity by sharing our work with others.

Then occasionally we meet someone who does all these things, but still wants to do more.  Our chance meeting with Amber Russo was one such meeting. One Thursday, about 6 months ago, Amber came by our stall at the Berry Farmers’ Market. She was with her family, on their way home to Sydney after a holiday down the coast, and she stopped to chat.  Amber told us about her small business in Sydney, The Organic Housewife, where she delivers boxes of organic fruit and vegetables to her customers.

Ambers passion for organic, natural food began after the birth of her second child. That passion has grown into a small business that supplies fresh organic fruit and vegetables to other likeminded people, who care not only about where their food comes from, but how it has been grown.  A key part of The Organic Housewife’s success has been that Amber has sought and built strong relationships with both her customers and with the farmers whose produce fills her organic boxes.

When Amber left our stall that day, she promised she would be in touch, and within a few weeks, she contacted us about buying some of our produce for her organic boxes. That’s how our partnership began.  However, Amber is always seeking new ways to support us and for others to hear about the life impacting work we do with kids at risk.

Amber generously shares our work and purpose on her social media, as well as with her community – her customers, friends, and family. Recently Amber organised a group of people from her community to come and visit the farm, and to see and learn firsthand the vital role the farm plays in the work our charity does in kids lives.

It was a special day, the sun shone, the kids played (human and animal), and we all learned more about each other.  We are excited about our ongoing partnership with Amber, The Organic Housewife, and her community.