In May this year our good friends at the Berry Garden Festival, also John Saunig at Real Aussie Sheds and Andrew Davie at Digging Around donated muscle and materials to build three propagation bunkers alongside our Education facility. These bunkers have a concrete foundation and allow us to store river sand, top soil and mulch, which we use on a daily basis in our organic vegetable seedling propagation mixes and for potting up our native tree seedlings. bunker-blog2The availability of a ready supply of these materials clear of weed infestation means that we can streamline our garden construction and aren’t hamstrung by inconsistent supplies of these valuable raw materials. We use the mulch for a number of purposes including bedding for our chickens.

Like many other achievements on the farm, our efforts would be spread so much more thinly without the support provided by community partners like John and Andrew and those at the Berry Garden Club. And we at the farm feel greater solidarity when we know that the values we hold dear are shared by others in the community. Values drawn from a belief that all individuals, particularly those who’ve had a rough start to life, often just need to be respected in order to jump-start their own self-belief.