We’re very aware here at a Taste of Paradise that there are plenty of farms throughout the country still enduring long-term drought. Our hearts go out to those for whom no end seems in sight to the big dry. For most of us on the east coast however it wasn’t absence but surplus that was making the trouble. When it rains at our farm, certainly to this extent, the creek that runs across our entry road invariably floods and cuts off access to the property. Some of our animals can cope with this for a few days, but others – our Maremma dogs and our chickens and turkeys in particular still need daily attention. flood-blog2So for me that has meant an hour long trek on foot through neighbouring properties to reach the farm over the back ridge. Thanks go out to neighbour Jack for permission to access the farm through his property.

We’ve experienced worse, but every flood results in some damage. We lost a couple of the small animals we care for and nearly lost one of our new large water tanks kindly donated by the Berry and District Garden Club. Two tonnes of water not enough to prevent it being swept away – fortunately not beyond retrieval.

As every farmer will tell you, the gifts that nature provides sustain us, but also serve to test us. They test our resilience and our character, values that our fabulous team work to encourage in the young people who join us on the farm on a daily basis.