Mikey's Story

Mikey has been coming to A Taste of Paradise for over five years.  The thing that Mikey loves most about coming to the farm is the garden.  He is a quiet boy who, because of a disability, has very little vocabulary and finds communicating difficult.  However, when he comes to the farm, he walks confidently into the vegetable garden, and will now express his happiness with smiles and small noises.

He is always keen to see what is new and will sometimes tap the gardener and have him follow him into the garden.  He will happily listen to our gardener talk about the things Mickey points to.  Then he will pick a bean or some strawberries and happily munch away.  Although Mikey can’t communicate verbally, his parents report that he always comes home from the farm in a cheerful mood and on the days he knows he is attending the farm, he is always excited and eager to attend .