Claire, Ross, Paula and team at the Berry Pharmacy have been supporting A Taste of Paradise through the supply of a number of First Aid Kits that we have at hand around the farm just in case of an arising emergency. We hope we use them as little as possible but when one deals with feisty animals and heavy farm machinery injuries are to some extent inevitable.

The Berry Pharmacy knows that these kits aren’t terribly useful if they are not reviewed and upgraded on a relatively regular basis. They work with us to make sure all the necessary standards are met both now and into the future. We’ve just had another review at their prompting and so hopefully we are ready for any eventuality. Safety is an important issue for anyone working on the farm, not only myself and my team but also of course for the many young people who visit each day. Without the generous ongoing support of the Pharmacy team, and the knowledge of our shared values, we would have to redistribute precious resources from other critical investments on the farm and this would ultimately compromise the service we can provide for our young people. So precious thanks to the Pharmacy for being part of the team!

The long-term plan on the subject of first aid is to have a defibrillator installed in our classroom at the farm in case of more serious events. This is likely to cost about $2,400 which isn’t quite in our budget as yet. But it is on the horizon and we will always be grateful for any donations that might help make this a reality sooner rather than later.