A Taste of Paradise is once again in a fortunate position to appreciate the donation of materials to support our work from a business that believes in the efforts we make and, like us, wish to see it furthered. Juanita and David Mackay from Wright’s Chainsaws in Nowra have donated three travel Eskies (one pictured above with Juanita) that now allow for the efficient and safe delivery of our organic eggs to the Sourdough and Milkwood Bakeries in Berry. As always thanks to Jelle from these bakeries for selling our eggs at cost price which enables us to receive a premium for this produce.

Juanita and David are long-term supporters of A Taste of Paradise – this certainly isn’t the first time they have provided support with equipment and encouragement. We love our community of supporters and really appreciate the care and concern that they show for what we achieve on an ongoing basis. Juanita and David are great examples of why A Taste of Paradise is really a community enterprise – they form a key part of an effective team that are with us for the long haul. Thanks to you both!