In December 2019, A Taste of Paradise will celebrate its 20th year of working with and giving hope to kids in need and 10 years since becoming a registered charity with tax deductibility.

We have over those 20 years had an ever-growing group of amazing people who have helped us in this work.  People who have volunteered their time in tasks from – clean up days, helped with building our infrastructure, who have written grant applications, planted trees, built garden beds, painted, helped feed animals, helped at markets, built fences, – to talking to people about who we are and what we do. For all these things and so much more, we thank you.

For every hour of your time that you have given, you have added enormous benefit to the at-risk young people who have come to the farm over the last 20 years.

We thank all the many people who have supported Tim and Andrea Francis and the AToP Board, for believing in their vision and helping build the charity into what it is today.

And if you are one of the many donors, you have made the vision become a reality.

Every single donor, from goods to financial support, you have made this happen.  From every regular donor, occasional donor or one-off donor, every single dollar has helped us to keep going and pay the on-going costs, train staff, provide activities for the young people, maintain equipment and erect buildings.

Because of your generosity, we have been able to support more than 400 young people who have come to the farm over the 20 years. Because of each-and-every one of you, the charity has become a place where young disadvantaged people can come, feel safe, build trust, learn skills and gain hope, and because of you, we will be able to continue this work helping many more young people in the future.

Thank you is completely inadequate to express how grateful we are.  Because of you, our gratitude knows no bounds.

If you would like to continue contributing to this life impacting work you can donate here…