Rob Lennon

Rob Lennon

Rob and family.

Rob and family

Gundooee Organics logoRob Lennon at Gundooee Organics is one of our amazing and generous donors, who partners with the work A Taste of Paradise’s does with at-risk and disadvantaged young people.

Rob and Gundooee Organics are Australia’s first (certified) organic producers of Wagyu Beef.  Rob’s passion is not only about producing the tastiest and healthiest Wagyu beef possible, but through his use of a natural, chemical free process, it is also about restoring the land, water retention and maintaining healthy pastures. Land that will support multiple generations because of the love and care he puts into his property.  Rob’s passion extends to the welfare and wellbeing of the cattle and all his animals.  It has been said “When you eat Gundooee beef, you feel part of a movement of people demanding a product that, from animal welfare to taste, is done just right”

It is essential to Rob that the whole process of what they do at Gundooee is transparent, and a key part of this is the Gundooee homestay.  People can visit and stay at Gundooee and see, experience and learn for themselves how the wagyu is produced and about organics, and the importance it plays in the health of people and the country.

The friendship, support and partnership between Gundooee and A Taste of Paradise has developed and grown over the years.  Meeting at a Wholesale meat supply conference, Rob from Gundooee and Tim from A Taste of Paradise struck up a friendship which has benefitted both over the last 10 years. Drawn together by a similar ethos of clean, green food and a commitment to organic principles and the welfare of young Australians/people has underpinned this valuable partnership. A Taste of Paradise has not only benefitted from the generous donations from Rob through the sales of produce each year.  Tim also highly values Rob’s knowledge of organics and land conservation.  We are so grateful for the longstanding financial support and friendship of more than a decade.

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Rob and Tim together at a recent Open Morning event.