We are preparing to farewell another incredible team member, our awesome farmhand Leah.

When Leah joined our team in 2018, it was as a volunteer. She volunteered for about a year, learning by shadowing Tim as he went about caring for and feeding the animals. But Leah wasn’t just an observer, from the beginning she jumped in and got her hands dirty, which she absolutely loved. When a position as farmhand became available, we already knew we had the right person for the job!

Her job at the farm has included preparing the feed, and feeding the animals, collecting the eggs and sorting and packaging them, as well as helping when visitors came to the farm. One of the most outstanding qualities Leah has is her willingness to get in and do what needs to be done, including mucking out manure and working in drenching rain, freezing cold and extreme heat. No matter what she has done, it has always been with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.

While Leah has not worked directly with the young people, she has known that everything she has done has supported them.  It is one of the things Leah has loved about her job, not only is she out in the fresh air, doing work she loves, looking after animals, she gets to enjoy the beautiful views the farm offers, and she knows that the essential jobs she does are woven into how the farm positively impacts and changes kid’s lives.

We are so proud that Leah was recently accepted into a Certificate III in Outdoor Education Traineeship through Youthworks. We know that Leah will approach this traineeship with the same positive attitude and commitment that she does everything, and that she will be a wonderful support for young people who are going through difficult circumstances.

We wish Leah every success and while we are sad to see her go, we know it is not goodbye as she hopes to return to us one day. So, for now, it is only, “See ya later and best wishes for your future, Leah”.

We also have another wonderful young worker joining us to continue in Leah’s role. Olivia has recently started as our newest farmhand and has been enjoying the on-the-job training. We have high hopes that Liv will be just as fantastic at keeping the farm going and we welcome her to the team at A Taste of Paradise Farm.