A few months ago one of our awesome volunteers, Jerry, mentioned to Gareth Ward our local NSW Member of Parliament, that A Taste of Paradise was seeking support to purchase a new ATV vehicle to replace our much loved, much used ATV.

Gareth, who has been a supporter of our work for a number of years, wanted to assist how he could, so his team put up a petition on Gareth’s website, suggesting if we could garner enough support, he would bring it to the awareness of the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian and the parliament.

We then used our various media platforms to ask our amazing local and online community to get behind us and sign the petition. We were so grateful for the response. Many people signed the online petition, and so many others signed the petition at the Berry Farmers’ Market. The support we received was incredible and we are more thankful than we can say.

Recently Gareth Ward came to the farm and presented us with the grant that has allowed us to purchase a new Kubota ATV vehicle.  This Vehicle will serve us for many years and will help us to maintain the farm, travelling across all terrain, while giving young people of all abilities access to areas of the farm that might not be possible otherwise. It will also be used to teach young people who are old enough, to learn to drive, fulfilling a dream they hold.

We are incredibly grateful to Gareth and his team, the NSW Government, Jerry, and our community who continue to support and partner with us in our work with kids in need.