This month, we would like to highlight several local Shoalhaven businesses who have been supporting us for many years and have again been generous with their assistance to us.

Officeworks recently donated funds which we were able to use towards art supplies to boost the work we do using art therapy with young people. The natural environment and the animals on the farm provide boundless opportunities to engage young people in artistic expression, allowing them to explore their feeling and talk to their mentors as they work. Thank you, Officeworks, for your support in our work with young people.
Bunnings also recently assisted us with the provision of a new hose and reel system which will make it so much easier to water our plants and wash down machinery. As our horticulture section has expanded, it is fantastic to have such a long, self-winding hose with no leaks. We also use the long hose to wash the dogs, which is a fun task for kids to help with and often results in more than just the dogs being wet! Thank you, Bunnings, for your donation.

While we do receive payment for the young people who attend the farm, their attendance is subsidised, so we rely on businesses and community members to help us. The beneficial effects of the farm are seen every week in such ways as the increase of joy, self-confidence, engagement in learning and improved behaviour. The young people have an opportunity to share their difficulties with the mentors and work through positive ways to change their lives and attitudes. Thank you to all our supporters from us and from the young people. Donations can be made through our website.