Lano and Woodley have been guarding our poultry flocks for many years. Due to their presence and their patrols of the area, we do not lose many chickens to predators these days. The eagles were one of the main culprits causing our diminishing flock. They liked to sit on top of the hen houses waiting for unsuspecting chickens to come outside where they would be snatched by the eagles. Since Lano and Woodley’s presence at the farm, the eagles and other predators go in search of easier prey.

As these beautiful dogs are now quite old, two new Maremma puppies have joined us and are learning the ropes from the older dogs. The youngsters, Samson and Ranger, were only a few months old when they arrived but are growing very quickly. They enjoy each other’s company and are getting used to the visitors to the farm, although, being guard dogs, they let us know whenever someone arrives. The young people who attend are introduced to Samson and Ranger, so our puppies get to know them and will let the youngsters help the mentors collect the eggs and feed the chickens. The puppies form part of our animal therapy program as the young people learn how to look after them. We look forward to watching the puppies grow and develop and to many years of protection for the poultry.