Spring is an exciting time of new births of many of our farm animals, alongside the wide range of native animals we care for. It gives us many opportunities to share these births with the young people referred to our program and they are actively involved in this process. Some of the sad stuff in their life moves a little into the background when they hold a baby chicken or goat for the first time. Forty minutes can go by with hardly any talking, just holding, or alternately many important conversations can be had around this experience too. I am often reminded of the privileged position I am in. Here are some of the first baby chickens hatched today for this season. They are under a red light in the brooder box to try and not upset their sleep patterns. We hatch all our certified organic chickens ourselves with the help of their Mum’s and/or artificial incubators. Our Certified Organic Free Range Eggs continue to be in great demand and the enterprise continues to grow. Many more baby chickens to come!