Free-Range Chickens

Our poultry enterprise is interesting in that it is a natural system. We have our organic free-range eggs that are evolving into being certified through the Australian Organic Organisation from the absorption of the Organic Growers of Australia. This means that we do not use any chemicals and while we grow some chicken feed ourselves,

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The Manildra Stampede

Shoalhaven Starches based in Nowra, part of the Manildra group of companies, operates the largest wheat starch and gluten plant of its kind in the world as well as a world-first sustainable ethyl alcohol (ethanol) distillery. They also manufacture a range of stockfeed. Stockfeed Sales representative Phil Monaghan and Chief Engineer Ming Leung have generously donated

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Stihl Generous!

A Taste of Paradise is once again in a fortunate position to appreciate the donation of materials to support our work from a business that believes in the efforts we make and, like us, wish to see it furthered. Juanita and David Mackay from Wright’s Chainsaws in Nowra have donated three travel Eskies (one pictured

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